Justin Prevatte

Higher Logic Designer & Front-end developer (CSS / JavaScript / jQuery)

Engaging members through great design

Call Rates

Duration Price
15 minutes $31.25
30 minutes $62.50
60 minutes $125.00


Higher Logic Bootstrap CSS Web Design SEO JavaScript jQuery User Experience (UX)


Working exclusively with Higher Logic clients, Justin specializes in Community and Microsite design that helps you stand out from the crowd, exceed your member's expeciations, and adapt your content for maximum impact on a responsive (Bootstrap) site.

In addition to original design, Justin works with your in-house or preferred designers at all stages to ensure that visual designs are compatible with higher-logic fucntionality. Once visual design is complete, Justin can work straight from your designer's photoshop files to bring your new design to life.


Repeat presenter at the HUG Superforum. Session Include:

  • Responsive Design and Higher Logic Websites
  • CSS for Beginners
  • Creating Content that Looks Great: Simple CSS & Elegant Markup


Bootstap how-tos, samples, and tools are available on Justin's Higher Logic site at www.theme-logic.com.